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Auto Spy

By default, all mock methods are empty functions which return undefined. If we want to spy automatically all methods of services, components, directives and pipes in Angular tests then add the next code to src/test.ts.

import { ngMocks } from 'ng-mocks';
ngMocks.autoSpy('jasmine');// // uncomment in case if existing tests are with spies already.// jasmine.getEnv().allowRespy(true);

In case of jest add it to src/setup-jest.ts.

import { ngMocks } from 'ng-mocks';

We can provide our own factory function if we need a customized initialization. It should return a custom spy function.

ngMocks.autoSpy(spyName => {  return () => {    console.log(`call: ${spyName}`);  };});

Pass default as the parameter, if we want to get the default behavior.


Also, it remembers the calls, and we can reset to the previous config. It might be useful if we need to change auto spy behavior in a test via beforeEach or beforeAll, and restore it later in afterEach or afterAll without caring what it was.

beforeEach(() => ngMocks.autoSpy('jasmine'));beforeEach(() => ngMocks.autoSpy('default'));beforeEach(() => ngMocks.autoSpy('jasmine'));afterEach(() => ngMocks.autoSpy('reset')); // now it is defaultafterEach(() => ngMocks.autoSpy('reset')); // now it is jasmine// out of calls, now it is defaultafterEach(() => ngMocks.autoSpy('reset'));