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How to install ng-mocks

For any Angular 5+ project you can use the latest version of ng-mocks. Simply install it as a dev dependency.

npm install ng-mocks --save-dev

Default customizations#

It may be useful to configure auto spy for all methods, getters and setters in mock declarations.

Apart from auto spy, we may want to customize mock behavior via MockInstance. There is a way to reset all customizations automatically on afterEach and afterAll levels.

Simply add the next code to src/test.ts or src/setup-jest.ts in case of jest:

import { ngMocks } from 'ng-mocks';
// auto spyngMocks.autoSpy('jasmine');// in case of jest// ngMocks.autoSpy('jest');
// auto restore for jasmine and jest <27// declare const jasmine: any;jasmine.getEnv().addReporter({  specDone: MockInstance.restore,  specStarted: MockInstance.remember,  suiteDone: MockInstance.restore,  suiteStarted: MockInstance.remember,});
// // If you use jest v27+, please add to its config testRunner=jest-jasmine2 for now.// // If you don't want to rely on jasmine at all, then, please,// // upvote the issue on github: // Once it has been merged you can use the code below.// // Also, please consider usage of MockInstance.scope instead.// import { addEventHandler } from 'jest-circus';// addEventHandler((event: { name: string }) => {//   switch ( {//     case 'run_describe_start'://     case 'test_start'://       MockInstance.remember();//       break;//     case 'run_describe_finish'://     case 'run_finish'://       MockInstance.restore();//       break;//     default://   }// });
// // in case of mocha// mocha.setup({//   rootHooks: {//     afterAll: MockInstance.restore,//     afterEach: MockInstance.restore,//     beforeAll: MockInstance.remember,//     beforeEach: MockInstance.remember,//   },// });