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Usage with 3rd-party libraries

ng-mocks provides flexibility via ngMocks.guts and MockBuilder that allows developers to use other Angular testing libraries, and at the same time to turn dependencies into mocks.

For example, if we use @ngneat/spectator and its functions like createHostFactory, createComponentFactory, createDirectiveFactory and so on, then to get mock declarations properly we need:

  • exclude the component we want to test
  • to turn declarations of its module into mocks
  • export all declarations the module has

if we use ngMocks.guts we need to skip the first parameter, pass the module as the second parameter to export its declaration, and to pass the component as the third one to exclude it.

const dependencies = ngMocks.guts(null, MyModule, MyComponent);const createComponent = createComponentFactory({  component: MyComponent,  ...dependencies,});

If we use MockBuilder we need .exclude, .mock and exportAll flag.

const dependencies = MockBuilder()  .exclude(MyComponent)  .mock(MyModule, {    exportAll: true,  })  .build();
const createComponent = createComponentFactory({  component: MyComponent,  ...dependencies,});