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How to fix Error NG0300: Multiple components match node with tagname

If you are facing Error NG0300: Multiple components match node with tagname in your tests, it means that somehow the same component is imported or declared via different modules. Usually, it's a sign that something has been mocked incorrectly.

Let's imagine we have the next module:

imports: [Module1, Module2, Module3],
declarations: [Component1, Component2, Component3],
exports: [Component1, Component2, Component3],
exports class MainModule {}

The module declares 3 components and imports 3 modules. The components use each other and the imported modules heavily. However, in out test we would like to mock Component2 only.

Therefore, TestBed might look like that:

imports: [
declarations: [
MockComponent2, // our own mock with the same selector

Although it looks right and the intention is to utilize MockComponent2 instead of Component2 as an override, tests won't pass because MockComponent2 and Component2 match node with tagname component-2.

The solution here is to substitute Component2 with MockComponent2 in MainModule, so TestBed wouldn't encounter Component2 at all.

To do so, you should use MockBuilder.replace:

beforeEach(() => {
return MockBuilder(MainModule)
.replace(Component2, MockComponent2);

The definition above declares MainModule in TestBed in the way that MockComponent2 is presented everywhere, where Component2 was before.

Now the test won't throw Error NG0300: Multiple components match node with tagname.