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How to test usage of ngrx in Angular applications

ng-mocks perfectly mocks NGRX modules. However, there are might be issues if some of them should be kept.

Besides StoreModule, which is an entry point to configure effects and reducers, under the hood NGRX uses four other modules, and these modules should be configured in MockBuilder:

  • StoreRootModule
  • StoreFeatureModule
  • EffectsRootModule
  • EffectsFeatureModule

Or a simple value is to rely on .ngModule property:

  • StoreModule.forRoot().ngModule
  • StoreModule.forFeature().ngModule
  • EffectsModule.forRoot().ngModule
  • EffectsModule.forFeature().ngModule

Let's imagine that we want to keep StoreModule in a test, then we should pass the modules into .keep:

beforeEach(() =>   MockBuilder(MyComponent, MyModule)     .keep(StoreRootModule)     .keep(StoreFeatureModule)     .keep(EffectsRootModule)     .keep(EffectsFeatureModule) );


beforeEach(() =>  MockBuilder(MyComponent, MyModule)    .keep(StoreModule.forRoot().ngModule)    .keep(StoreModule.forFeature().ngModule)    .keep(EffectsModule.forRoot().ngModule)    .keep(EffectsModule.forFeature().ngModule));

Please pay attention that MyModule or its imports should import .forRoot and .forFeature, otherwise we need to call .keep as usually:

beforeEach(() =>  MockBuilder(MyComponent, MyModule)    .keep(StoreModule.forRoot())    .keep(StoreModule.forFeature())    .keep(EffectsModule.forRoot())    .keep(EffectsModule.forFeature()));

Lazy loaded modules with .forFeature()#

When we want to test a lazy loaded module, it means there is no import of .forRoot() calls, because they are in a parent module. Therefore, the .forRoot() calls should be added manually without any special configuration:

beforeEach(() =>  MockBuilder(SomeComponent, LazyLoadedModule)    // providing root tools    .keep(StoreModule.forRoot())    .keep(EffectsModule.forRoot())    // keeping lazy loaded module definitions    .keep(StoreFeatureModule)    .keep(EffectsFeatureModule));

Meta reducers#


A mock meta reducer stops all reducers in the store


If you have a module which has a meta reducer, such as StoreDevtoolsModule, then please don't forget to keep it too if you plan to keep store modules for testing. Otherwise, no actions will be reduced, and the store will be always empty.

As an option, such a module could be excluded to avoid any side effects: .exclude(StoreDevtoolsModule).


Apart from that, it might be needed to keep StoreRootModule, but suppress all manually injected meta reducers. In order to do so, simply mock USER_PROVIDED_META_REDUCERS token with an empty array: .mock(USER_PROVIDED_META_REDUCERS, []).

Then zero meta reducers will be provided in current test suites.