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Sets default config for mocks in MockBuilder.

  • ngMocks.defaultConfig( Component, config ) - sets a default config for a component
  • ngMocks.defaultConfig( Directive, config ) - sets a default config for a directive
  • ngMocks.defaultConfig( Component ) - removes config
  • ngMocks.defaultConfig( Directive ) - removes config

The best place to do that is in src/test.ts for jasmine or in src/setup-jest.ts / src/test-setup.ts for jest.

For example, if you have a simple structural directive which you always want to render it. Then, you can configure it via ngMocks.defaultConfig.

// Config for a structural directive.
ngMocks.defaultConfig(StructuralDirective, {
// render the mock of the directive by default
render: true,

// Config for a component with content views.
ngMocks.defaultConfig(ViewComponent, {
render: {
// render a block by default
block1: true,

// render a block with context
block2: {
$implicit: {
data: 'MOCK_DATA',

// removing the config.