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Returns an array of found DebugElements which belong to a component with the correctly typed componentInstance, or match a css selector. If a root element or a fixture are not specified, then the current fixture is used.

  • ngMocks.findAll( fixture?, component )
  • ngMocks.findAll( fixture?, cssSelector )
  • ngMocks.findAll( debugElement?, component )
  • ngMocks.findAll( debugElement?, cssSelector )
const elements1 = ngMocks.findAll(Component1);const elements2 = ngMocks.findAll(fixture, Component2);const elements3 = ngMocks.findAll(fixture.debugElement, Component3);
const elements1 = ngMocks.findAll('div.item1');const elements2 = ngMocks.findAll(fixture, 'div.item2');const elements3 = ngMocks.findAll(fixture.debugElement, 'div.item3');

cssSelector supports a tuple to generate an attribute css selector:

const elements1 = ngMocks.findAll(['data-key']);// the same asconst elements2 = ngMocks.findAll('[data-key]');
const elements1 = ngMocks.findAll(['data-key', 5]);// the same asconst elements2 = ngMocks.findAll('[data-key="5"]');