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ngMocks.trigger provides a simple interface which allows to trigger all the variety of events and to customize their properties.

Common events#

For example, a focus event can be triggered like that:

const el = ngMocks.find('input');ngMocks.trigger(el, 'focus');ngMocks.trigger(el, 'blur');ngMocks.trigger(el, 'mouseleave', {  x: 1,  y: 2,});

or simply with selectors which are supported by ngMocks.find.

ngMocks.trigger('input[name="address"]', 'focus');ngMocks.trigger(['name', 'address'], 'blur');

Key combinations#

In order to simulate shot keys and test their handlers, for example, Control+Shift+Z:

const el = ngMocks.find('input');ngMocks.trigger(el, 'keydown.control.shift.z');ngMocks.trigger(el, 'keyup.meta.s');

Custom events#

Instead of the name of an event, an event object can be passed. In order to create an event object ngMocks.event can be used.

const el = ngMocks.find('input');const event = new CustomEvent('my-event');ngMocks.trigger(el, event);