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Returns an array of all found TemplateRef which belong to the current element and all its children. If the element is not specified, then the current fixture is used.

  • ngMocks.findTemplateRefs( fixture?, directive )
  • ngMocks.findTemplateRefs( debugElement?, id )
  • ngMocks.findTemplateRefs( debugElement?, [attribute, value?] )

or simply with selectors which are supported by ngMocks.find.

  • ngMocks.findTemplateRefs( cssSelector?, [attribute, value?] )

Assume, that a template has the next code.

<ng-template myTpl="header"></ng-template><ng-template myTpl="footer"></ng-template>

Then, we can find ng-template like that:

// returns 2 elementsconst allByDirective = ngMocks.findTemplateRef(MyTplDirective);
// returns 2 elementsconst allByAttribute = ngMocks.findTemplateRef(['myTpl']);
// returns 1 elementconst onlyHeaders = ngMocks.findTemplateRef(['myTpl', 'header']);
// returns 1 elementconst onlyFooters = ngMocks.findTemplateRef(['myTpl', 'footer']);
// returns 0 elementsconst empty = ngMocks.findTemplateRef(['myTpl', 'body']);

More information can be found in ngMocks.findTemplateRef.