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Behavior of ngMocks.revealAll repeats ngMocks.reveal, but, instead of returning the first suitable element, ngMocks.revealAll will collect all suitable elements and return all of them.

In a template like:

<app-form>  <ng-container block="personal">    <input appInput="firstName">    <input appInput="lastName">  </ng-container>  <ng-container block="address">    <input appInput="street">    <input appInput="city">    <input appInput="country">  </ng-container></app-form>

we can get the form, blocks and their inputs like:

// rootsconst formEl = ngMocks.reveal('app-form');const personalEl = ngMocks.reveal(formEl, ['block', 'personal']);const addressEl = ngMocks.reveal('app-form', ['block', 'address']);
// 2 elementsconst personalEls = ngMocks.revealAll(personalEl, AppInputDirective);
// 3 elementsconst addressEls = ngMocks.revealAll(addressEl, AppInputDirective);